Developmental Biology

The field of developmental biology encompasses the study of how cells grow and develop.  Developmental biology is a very exciting field in biology, creating a framework that integrates molecular biology, physiology, cell biology, anatomy, cancer research, neurobiology, immunology, ecology, and evolutionary biology. Much of the research in this field requires a strong foundation of knowledge in growth factor and cytokine signaling networks and gradients, cellular division, cellular migration and many other cellular processes in the context of a developing organism.


Our attorneys at Shelston IP have specialist knowledge in the field of developmental biology at the doctoral and postdoctoral level.  In particular, attorneys in the Life Sciences group at Shelston IP have conducted research on molecular events controlled by growth factors and cytokines relating to many developmental processes and have published their findings in peer reviewed high impact journals. For example, much of such research has related to identifying regulatory mechanisms of signaling pathways including super-families of growth factors and signaling cross-talk networks.  Our attorneys have held positions at prestigious research institutes with world-renowned scientists in this field, such as, the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute and University of Toronto in Canada, the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and the University of Sydney.  The research areas covered by our attorneys include for example, identification of regulatory mechanisms of signaling pathways of the TGF-b superfamily of ligands including bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) and cross-talk with Wnt signaling pathways.

Collectively, our attorneys at Shelton IP are at the top of this field when it comes to providing expert guidance in all aspects of patents and applications in the field of developmental biology, including: drafting; prosecution; conducting opposition proceedings; and providing validity and infringement advice.