Food Technology

Food technology is the science of making protein shakes more nutritious and more readily digestible.  It is the science of making chocolate taste even better, of soft drinks staying fizzier for longer. It is the science of being able to preserve wholesome foods for export to parts of the world where famine or disease may be prevalent.


In short, there’s food technology behind nearly everything we eat or drink – even fresh eggs and tap water.

At Shelston IP, we have a team of professional staff sharing not only an appreciation of food – but also, the science behind it.  If we sample a piece of chocolate and it tastes chalky, we’ll know that it won’t have been conched for long enough.  Everyone knows a bad beer when they taste one – but we can pinpoint why. And if your ice-cream is more ice than cream, then this too is a matter of science.

Throughout our history, Shelston IP has been at the cutting edge of Australasian food technology.  Whether we’re adapting global technologies to our local market or taking local technologies offshore, our food technology team is ideally placed to assist.