Materials Science

Shelston IP has a number of attorneys with advanced qualifications and experience in materials science, including polymers, metals and alloys, biocompatible materials and nanoscale materials.


We have worked with inventors from universities, start-ups and established research institutes and companies in the following technical fields: bioactive polymeric materials, surface coatings, photoluminescent materials, fire retardants, alloys (such as MAX phases), graphenes, highly transmissive siloxane polymers for photonics, microporous membranes and biocompatible materials to name just a few.  Our staff are also familiar with synthetic and characterisation methods such as PACVD, milling and sintering, X-ray crystallography and neutron diffraction.

Some of our clients have successfully commercialised their products – a large privately owned healthcare company has secured significant royalty streams on the basis of its patent protection of highly stable biocidal polymers.

Other start ups, in the fields of electronic devices and membrane filtration, have grown into successful businesses in their own right.  Their patent portfolis have assisted them in taking a strong position in licensing deals and contentious matters.

Our university clients have in several instances been able to licence out their technology to provide useful royalty streams.