Australia’s ecological diversity extends to the microbial world, and this diversity is reflected in the scope of the country’s exceptional microbiology research. Microbiology encompasses a raft of investigative pursuits, including disease prevention, diagnosis and control, climate change, biotechnology and even studies into the origins and evolution of life, drawing on technical expertise from areas such as biochemistry, molecular biology and bioengineering.


The attorneys at Shelston IP have exceptional credentials in the field of microbiology, including doctoral and postdoctoral experience in research areas such as:

  • genetic factors associates with oxidative-stress responses in yeast
  • novel applications of genetically engineered Agrobacterium
  • pathogenicity of Mycobacterium
  • anti-microbial peptides against methanogens
  • development of protein expression systems in Dictyostelium discoideum
  • development of bacterial and yeast expression systems for recombinant protein manufacture and
  • growth optimisation for anaerobic Archaea.

This broad base of research and applied science experience in the field allows our attorneys to deal with all aspects of microbiology patents and applications, including: drafting; prosecution; conducting opposition proceedings; and providing validity and infringement advice.