Shelston IP includes expertise across the full range of traditional physics.   Whilst the physics subject matter in broad, Shelston IP has attorneys with in depth experience in each of its subfields.


By way of brief highlights, in the mechanical area, we have one of the largest group of mechanical engineer patent attorneys in Australia, all of whom are extremely active in the mining and automotive sectors.  We represent a number of mining research consortiums pushing the frontiers of mining technology.

In electrical and electronics, we work with frontier university and commercial research in signal processing, including a Audio Signal Processing and the Square Kilometre Array Telescope, and other antenna systems. We also are active in medical physics, including ultrasonic monitoring and X-ray dosing systems.

In optical, we represent most of Australia’s photonics industry including the highly successful Finisar Optical Switch. We also work closely with universities active in optical quantum computing research and optical signal processing.

In nuclear physics, we draft a large number of applications for cancer treatment and medical imaging utilising radioactive nuclei and X-Ray dosing.