Polymer Chemistry

Shelston IP has a number of professionals on staff who have expertise in various aspects of polymer science, including polymer synthesis (free radical polymerisation, emulsion and suspension polymerisation, RAFT polymerisation, polymerisation catalysts), and polymer processing, such as extrusion, injection moulding and reactive extrusion.


We also have considerable experience relating to polymers for use in pharmaceutical compositions and medical devices, bio-polymers, tissue engineering, biodegradable polymers, polymer (nano) composites, conducting polymers, stimulus responsive polymers, polymer materials useful in sensor devices, silicone compositions, synthetic fibres and textiles, polymeric membranes, adhesives and polymeric coatings.

In recent years, we have applied our expertise in polymer science to drafting applications in a variety of fields.  For example:

  • We have worked with a start-up company to draft patent applications relating to electrothermic compositions and coatings.  These materials heat up when electricity is applied to them. By controlling the voltage and current a constant heat can be delivered for months, or even years.  This technology can be applied across a range of applications – from apparel, to consumer appliances, to motor vehicles.
  • We drafted patent applications for a major university regarding reactive polymeric mixtures.  These mixtures react during processing (extrusion) and exhibit superior toughness and strength compared to conventional polymers. They are also biodegradeable.
  • Further, Shelston IP assisted a start-up company in protection of its inventions relating to reinforced polymer composite materials utilising very short fibres.  The resulting composite materials have superior mechanical properties compared to the conventional glass fibre reinforced materials.
  • Yet another example relates to novel extruded filter modules for aquaculture applications.  These modules provide excellent filtration performance.
  • Shelston IP advised a major university as to the patentability of inventions relating to polymeric pharmaceutical formulations for use in the treatment of asthma and tuberculosis.
  • A long-standing client of Shelston IP exploits technology in the field of polymeric hollow-fibre membrane water treatment systems.  This client has seen incredible commercial success over the years, and has grown from a modest four people to now employing 1,800 people around the globe. Our client had a market capitalisation of over $600 million when it was taken over in the late 1990s.  Shelston IP undertook patent drafting, prosecution and enforcement of its patent portfolio over the years. These polymeric membrane products are now well known in the industry for providing microfiltration and ultrafiltration solutions for drinking water, water reuse, wastewater, desalination pre-treatment and industrial process water. Patent protection was key in the growth of this company in a rapidly developing market.