Telecommunication Systems and Devices

With today’s information-hungry generations, the reliance on telecommunications technology has never been stronger. Many people rely on information being available at their fingertips anywhere and anytime to run their businesses, navigate to meetings or simply to meet friends. This constant availability of information is often taken for granted but behind the often user-friendly networks and devices, a range of complex and ever-evolving technologies are in operation. Shelston IP appreciates the importance of this underlying technology and supports many clients in this field to secure and commercialise their telecommunications related IP.


Shelston IP has substantial experience in drafting patent applications in the field of telecommunications, and, in particular, in wireless and optical based communications. The team at Shelston IP have knowledge in both the hardware and software sides of the telecommunications industry, both of which are key to its operation.

In the past several years Shelston IP has provided patent services (strategy development, drafting, filing, prosecuting, enforcing) to or on behalf of a vast number of clients within the telecommunications sector.

Our clients range from the most IP-savvy global brands through to start-ups, entrepreneurs and medium-sized enterprises, including:

  • A number of leading universities.
  • The world’s largest supplier of optical communication components and subsystems.
  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s national science agency.
  • Leading telecommunications providers.
  • A developer of web and mail security, networking and security, and archiving and fax computer software.
  • Aerospace and defence manufacturers.
  • A provider of on-demand contact routing and agent management applications embedded in its national telephony network.
  • A provider of contact-centre applications and messaging technology.
  • An ASX-listed mobile payment and transaction processing company which enables corporate enterprises, developers or merchants to accept credit and debit card payments on iOS, Android, Windows and various older mobile phone platforms.

Whether it’s hardware or software technology, the telecommunications team at Shelston IP is focused on staying at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry. We look forward to assisting you or your client obtain, leverage and enforce your telecommunications IP.